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Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials | Graphic Design
3D Free Objects | 3D Commercial Objects | 3D Graphics Programming

Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design Tutorials
view article Lord Of The Rings Poster
Create a poster for the movie Lord of the Rings.
view article Colorizing Photos
Learn how to colorize black and white photos.
view article Google Adsense
Learn how to blend in a Google Adsense ad with Photoshop.
view article Modern Text
Create a modern text in this Photoshop tutorial.
view article Poker Banner
Make a banner for a poker website in Photoshop.
view article Muzzle Flash
An easy tutorial on how to make a muzzle flash.
view article Digg Logo
In this tutorial you learn how to make the Digg logo.
view article Metal Text
Make your text metal with this tutorial.
view article Dogtag
Create a dogtag in this Photoshop tutorial.
view article Simple Button
Learn how to make a simple button.
view article 3D Abstract Art
Make 3D abstract art in Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop Basic Tutorials
view article Lesson 1 - Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and versatile image creation and manipulation applications available. For anyone who deals with images -- from print media designers who come up with those dazzling ads in magazines, to Web creators sculpting awesome sites with cutting-edge graphics, to grandmothers in Florida who want to preserve and maintain their fading photos and memories -- Photoshop is the tool of choice.
view article Lesson 2 - Spreading the Canvas
In this lesson, you'll learn how to get started with a new Photoshop file. I will cover how to prepare the canvas for work and how to set basic preferences that will define how your images look and print. In addition, you will learn about a Photoshop fundamental, color mode, and why understanding how Photoshop works with color is vitally important. Let's get started!
view article Lesson 3 - Tools and Palettes
In this lesson, we'll learn about Photoshop tools and palettes. One of Photoshop's greatest features is that almost everything you need to use Photoshop is right there on your screen when you launch the program. And if you don't need it, we'll teach you how to hide it! All you need to do is to recognize the layout and pick the options you need.
view article Lesson 4 - Make Your Selection Please
You learned about tools, menus, and palettes in the last lesson. In this lesson, we'll get a little more specific -- and you'll get the chance to use Photoshop.
view article Lesson 5 - Tinkering With Images and Canvases
Now that you know how to select parts of an image, it's time to learn how to modify entire images and canvases. In this lesson, you will get down to the nitty-gritty of changing the way your images look. From changing size to making the crooked straight, you'll run through Photoshop's gymnastics.
view article Lesson 6 - In Living Color
In this lesson, you'll learn all about color. Whether you're interested in restoring original colors to faded or blemished photos, altering an image's colors for artistic effect, or even creating original color artwork from scratch, Photoshop has the tools you need. So open up Photoshop and be prepared to get a little color.
Adobe Photoshop Basic Tutorials
view article Lesson 7 - Playing With Paint
In this lesson, we'll learn a bit about Photoshop's many paint brushes and the many ways you can customize them for just the right art effect. You'll also return to our old friend the Toolbox for a tour of the program's painting tools.
view article Lesson 8 - Learning About Layers
In this lesson, we'll be looking at layers and how they affect the work we do. We will talk about the Layers palette, working with multiple layers, how to blend, and how to merge layers. This lesson will help you to balance and structure your images.
view article Lesson 9 - Tricks of the Trade
Now it's time to learn how Photoshop can help you tweak and turn your images to either make them better or artier than the originals. Whether you want to add a little focus to a blurry image or the other way around, or even remove certain objects from the background altogether, Photoshop has what you need, in spades!
view article Lesson 10 - Fun With Filters
This final lesson will hopefully whet your appetite for one of the most exciting aspects of Photoshop: filters. Photoshop has filters to correct photographic errors, filters to beautify your photos, filters to jazz them up, filters that can make your images bizarre, and others that will make them downright unrecognizable.


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